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Be - Black - White


BeA sleek and slender ethanol fire with two viewing sides, which offers a range of design possibilities for indoor or covered outdoor settings. A clean-lined corner fireplace creation, this portable fire can be positioned to appear as though it’s ‘blending’ into walls. Featuring a long, column-style design with open top and 90-degree glass panel, this fire features a tall, fully enclosed flame, immediately commanding attention wherever it’s placed. A unique, versatile fireplace that’s perfect for smaller residential or retail spaces and for those with small children – or pets - and who are wanting further peace of mind.

A slimline, portable corner-style fireplace with two viewing sides. Be ensures maximum enjoyment in any compact space - residential and commercial.


Selling points

·       Available in black or white with satin finish

·       Holds the AB3 Burner (Stainless Steel or Black)

·      The matte black interior finish is the perfect backdrop to showcase the flame.

·       Two opening ‘glass doors’ to facilitate refilling and operation of the ethanol burner.

·       Robust: crafted from mild steel with high temperature powder-coating, and UV stabilizer

·       Fireplace is open at the top with mesh to boost airflow for maximum heat and fuel efficiency.


Application: Indoor and Outdoor (Undercover)

Materials: Grade 304 Stainless Steel Burner with optional Black Ceramic Coating, Toughened Glass Fire Screen, Mild Steel with high temperature powder-coating


Dimensions L x W x H (mm): L 420 W 420 H 1345

Compatible Burner: AB3

Fuel Capacity: 2.5L [0.7 Gals]

Heats on Average (Indoors): Over 20m2 [215ft2]

Approx. Burn Time: 8 - 11 hours

Minimum Room Size (per burner): 40m3 [1413ft3]


EcoSmart Fires is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality bioethanol fireplaces, burners, and accessories.EcoSmart Fires are known for their sleek and modern designs, which are created with a focus on eco-friendliness, sustainability, and safety. The company offers a wide range of bioethanol fireplaces, including wall-mounted units, freestanding models, and inserts that can be installed in existing fireplaces.One of the unique features of EcoSmart Fires is their use of innovative technologies that make their products safe and efficient. For example, their patented "EcoSmart Burner" is a stainless-steel burner that is designed to produce a clean, smokeless flame with minimal fuel consumption. The burners also feature a flame-regulating system that allows users to adjust the flame height and intensity.In addition to their efficient heating capabilities, EcoSmart Fires are also designed with safety in mind. Their bioethanol fireplaces are completely sealed, with no exposed flames or vents, and they feature automatic shut-off systems in case of a malfunction.EcoSmart Fires are also committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Bioethanol is a renewable fuel source that is made from organic materials such as corn, sugarcane, and potatoes, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuels. The company also uses recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes wherever possible.Overall, EcoSmart Fires are a popular choice for those who want a stylish and eco-friendly heating option that is both efficient and safe.