Bornholme Beefire Bioethanol Stove

Brand: Bioethanol Fires

Product Number: Bornholm01

£ 1,658.33

Bornholm Traditional Cast Iron Bioethanol Stove BFT decoration fire places guarantee a maximum standard of quality and security. The BFT decoration fireplace is designed, as indicated, for decoration and the creation of a comfortable atmosphere. This is also available in special colours add £250, but call us to order.

Ecosmart BK5

Ecosmart BK5

£ 1,162.50

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Ecosmart AB3 (Black)

Ecosmart AB3 Black

£ 579.17

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Ecosmart Firebox 900SS (Stainless Steel)

Firebox 900SS

£ 2,995.83

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Ecosmart Flex 140LC.BXL/Flex 140RC.BXL

Flex 140LC.BXL/Flex 140RC.BXL

£ 9,579.17

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Ecosmart Firebox 1200DB (Stainless Steel)

Firebox 1200DB (Stainless Steel)

£ 4,912.50

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