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Ecosmart Ecosmart

Ecosmart "Ghost" Bioethanol Fire Designer Range

Brand: Ecosmart

Product Number: Ecosmart Ghost

£ 1,665.83


Made entirely of glass and steel, the Ghost is a slim framed fireplace that works equally well in residential and commercial spaces. Though its crisp lines and glass body give it a strong modern feel, its transparency allows it to fit into design schemes of any fashion and color.

The Ghost centers around the AB3, a 2.5 litres capacity ethanol burner that has a burn time of up to eight hours. Though one of the smaller units in the Designer Range, the Ghost has the ability to warm rooms up to 20 square meters. An optional glass windscreen is also available.

  • Fuel: Bioethanol

Key Features

Architectural Feature

Bioethanol’s lively dancing flame creates a striking focal point for interior designers.

See-through Style

Reflective glass panels highlight the mesmerising flame, blocking neither light nor view.

Freedom & Flexibility

Fully portable, lightweight design enables you to easily move the fireplace between rooms.

8-11 Hours of Heat

Ghost’s efficient 2.5L [2.5qt] AB3 ethanol burner takes the chill off for over eight hours.

Eco-friendly Fuel

Ghost is fuelled by readily available, clean-burning, environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol.

Optional Fire Screen

Protects the flame from internal draughts while also providing an extra degree of safety and security.

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