Fire Line Automatic 2

Brand: Planika Intelligent Fires

Product Number: fireLineAutomatic2


Fire Line Automatic 2 is a unique automatic ethanol fireplace equipped with safety sensors, flame size regulation, LED display and the possibility of integration with Smart Home system. Perfect for architects and interior designers, as it provides unlimit

Ecosmart Flex 60BY.BXL/Flex 60BY.BXR

Flex 60BY.BXL/Flex 60BY.BXR

£ 4,329.17

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VALENCIA DELUXE Stainless Steell +2 adjustable fireboxes

VALENCIA DELUXE Silver Bio Ethanol Gel + 1 adjustable firebox

£ 290.83

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Planika Simple Commerce Bioethanol Fire

Planika Simple Commerce Bioethanol Fire

£ 315.83

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Ecosmart Flex 68BY

Flex 68BY

£ 4,912.50

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Ecosmart Flex 86BY

Flex 86BY

£ 6,079.17

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