Brand: Bioethanol Fires

Product Number: BFP002


This contemporary, portable model is perfect for so many applications. The standalone unit is surrounded by glass which enhances the flame. Lucent is finished with fibreglass polyester and powder-coated black steel. Its highly absorbent ceramic fibres ens

Ecosmart Flex 158LC.BX2/Flex 158RC.BX2

Flex 158LC.BX2/Flex 158RC.BX2

£ 10,745.83

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Ecosmart Flex 18LC / 18RC

Flex 18LC / 18RC

£ 1,412.50

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Planika Fire FLA XT in casing C

Planika Fire FLA XT in casing C |


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Ecosmart Flex 42LC/42RC

Flex 42LC/42RC

£ 3,162.50

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Ecosmart XL500 (Stainless Steel)


£ 1,662.50

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