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Small is beautiful – bearing this idea in mind, we designed Petit Commerce. This small tabletop fireplace is characterized by a very delicate and simple design. Due to its small size, Petit can be used as an ideal table decoration during various events or family gatherings.

It is another interesting piece in our outdoor/indoor collection suitable for restaurants, hotels or SPAs. Petit with the Commerce Technology™ guarantees safety and exceptionally long burning time.

Petit Commerce is a small table fireplace suitable for any chosen area, both indoor and outdoor. View the inspirations below and choose the right place for this product yourself. When you change your mind, you can just move it somewhere else.



Petit Commerce is another example of small fireplace which can be used both inside and out. It weighs only 3 kg so it can be transported whenever you want. An additional advantage of new product is extended burning time up to 7 hours, thanks to which you can enjoy the warm glow and friendly appearance of a real flame without hassle, ash, smoke or smell.

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