Planika Jar Commerce Bioethanol Fire

Brand: Planika Intelligent Fires

Product Number: Jar01

£ 1,041.67

Glassfire® Technology set on a concrete base. A combination of fire, concrete and glass make Jar a piece of furniture that can be placed in different interiors. The coldness of concrete juxtaposed with the warmth of fire was the idea of the designer Chri

Ecosmart Scope 700 Grate Insert Fire

Ecomartfire Scope 700 Fire

£ 2,426.67

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Ecosmart XL900 (Black)

Ecosmart XL900 Black

£ 2,162.50

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Swingline Beefire Bioethanol Stove

Swingline Beefire Bioethanol Stove

£ 1,673.33

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Ecosmart Flex 104LC/Flex 104RC

Flex 104LC/Flex 104RC

£ 7,245.83

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Ecosmart Flex 86LC.BXL/Flex 86RC.BXL

Flex 86LC.BXL/Flex 86RC.BXL

£ 6,079.17

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