Totem Commerce Planika Bioethanol Fire

Brand: Bioethanol Fires

Product Number: Totem01

£ 666.67

Totem Commerce – a model incorporating Glassfire® Technology. With its flames located high on the design, it sheds light like a lighthouse onto the surrounding area. Totem is the perfect idea for an outdoor fire during cosy summer evenings in your gard

Ecosmart Flex 86SS

Ecosmart Flex 86SS

£ 6,079.17

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Ecosmart Firebox 900SS (Stainless Steel)

Firebox 900SS

£ 2,995.83

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Ecosmart Flex 42LC/42RC

Flex 42LC/42RC

£ 3,162.50

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Ecosmart Flex 104LC/Flex 104RC

Flex 104LC/Flex 104RC

£ 7,245.83

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Ecosmart Flex 78LC.BX2/Flex 78RC.BX2

Flex 78LC.BX2/Flex 78RC.BX2

£ 5,495.83

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