VALENCIA DELUXE Stainless Steell +2 adjustable fireboxes

Brand: Bioethanol Fires

Product Number: Valencia02

£ 249.17

Valencia Deluxe XL stainless steel
bioethanol wall-mounted fireplace


  • Fireplace in stainless steel
  • Combustion chamber made of black steel powdercoated
  • adjustable  ethanol tank about 1 liter stainless steel

Dimensions Fireplace

  • Width 110 cm
  • Height 50 cm
  • Depth 15 cm

Dimensions of combustion chamber

  • Width 70 cm
  • Height 50 cm
  • Depth 13 cm

The delivery includes

  • fireplace
  • 2 adjustable ethanol containers for 1 liter each
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Spacer
  • instruction manual

Available in colors

We manufacture our fireplaces ourselves and use the highest quality materials. This fireplace is supplied completely assembled. You only need to find a place in your house. 

Both bio-ethanol and fuel gel can be used.

You get 1 year warranty on our products!

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